Syllabus – Technology Modules

Description of the contents – Optative Technology Module:

Technology Assessment

Technology Assessment is an interdisciplinary technique aimed at the systematic investigation and evaluation of the potential of technologies, to detect, control, and direct technological changes and developments so as to maximize the public good while minimizing the public risks. The goal of the course is three folded: a) to introduce the students in the principles and methodology of the identification and analysis of areas of social conflict arising from the application of technology; b) to develop a core subject on competitive technological intelligence and c) to provide students with an overall framework of industrial and technological policies and the links between these policies and entrepreneurship.


Product and Process Engineering

This subject is about knowing product design cycle. Understand the process design and all steps and components of life cycle product. The main goal is to know all the characteristics and aspects related to the product and process design. The product design arises from the life cycle consideration. Product design characteristics such as information design modelling processes, creativity and methodologies are explained. Creativity real cases. It will cover methods of generating ideas to lead to successful patenting an idea developed. Expose cases of successful entrepreneurship for product development.


Information management

To know several methods and techniques for managing information into an enterprise o a specific environment. Including methods to identify, structure, model and manage the information. Also it will be considered that information which comes from knowledge and is used for taking important decisions. Understand the differences between an information management system and information system. Learn the steps to develop a specific information management system in order to develop a further knowledge bases system. The management information systems are important for structuring ideas involving generation of patents and entrepreneurship.


Trends in innovation

In nowadays globalization era, new concepts related to innovation appear constantly both in the business and the research field. The aim of the present subject is, actually, to be aware of the new trends of research in the innovation arena. Concretely, the areas of study are three: open innovation, innovation in services and corporate social responsibility.


Innovative manufacturing technologies

Knowing innovative and nontraditional manufacturing processes: a) metal removing b) incremental forming and c) moulding . Identify the basic process parameters and exemplify the technologies on industrial applications.


Additive manufacturing technologies

Knowing additive manufacturing innovative processes: several sintering technologies (selective laser sintering, selective laser melting etc.), fused deposition molten , 3D printing and stereolithography. Knowining materials and geometries appropriate for each technology. Identify the basic process parameters and exemplify the technologies on industrial applications.


Introduction to technological research

Knowing methods for researching scientific information. Experimental planning by design of experiments. Create, analyze, synthesize and evaluate scientific papers. Preparing scientific presentacions. Knowing and identifying different types of research projects and innovation. Designing proposals for scientific projects.Knowing how to perform a process of surveillance technology and patent analysis.