MSc BITM is specialised on business innovation and technology management.

It is an interdisciplinary program and an international vocation, aimed to students from different disciplines who expect acquiring skills to carry out activities of innovation management in all types of organizations. These activities include: methods for developing new products or services, management tasks in R&D departments and programs to promote innovation in private organizations or in public administrations.

This master’s program offers professional or research orientation, depending on the subjects attended and the type of master’s thesis developed.

  • Basic Module (18 ECTS)

  • Specific modules: Business + Technology (27 ECTS)

  • Thesis (15 ECTS)

Basic Module

Quality Management.

Innovation Management in companies.

Extended Enterprise Planning.

Innovation in the production System.

Knowledge Management.

Strategic Management.

Specific - Business

Corporate governance.

Technological strategy and competitiveness.

Digital Economy and companies with network externalities.

Theoretical & Methodological aspects on Innovation and R&D.

Dynamics of Organizations.

Legal Issues in Innovation.

Innovation Economy.

Specific - Technology

Technology Assessment.

Product and process Engineering.

Information Management Techniques.

Trends on Innovation. Innovative Manufacturing Technologies.

Additive Manufacturing Technologies.

Introduction to the Technology Research.

Admission requirements

The most suitable profiles and degrees to take this master are following: Industrial Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, and undergraduate programs like: Business Administration, Economics, Chemistry, Biology and Environmental Sciences.

Although other students who has not the former profile but interested in aspects related to business innovation and technology management are suitable candidates too.

Students must certify an adequate English level to assure the classes’ understanding.

The master committee will prioritize those students which have better academic grades. Depending on the student background, the committee could require some additional academic training before accepting the admission.

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