The “Master in Business Innovation and Technology Management” (BITM) is a multi-disciplinary offer that interrelates business and engineering knowledge. The main objective is the education of entrepreneurs with business, innovation and technology management skills.

The program will allow you to achieve technical and management positions from technical and business innovation approaches.

New in 2017: Possibility of double degree awarded by the University of Girona and universities in Mexico and Colombia to provide credits jointly.

What you learn

  • New Manufacturing Technologies
  • Methods of Product and Service Development
  • Competitiveness Strategies
  • Strategic Direction and Dynamics of Organizations
  • Innovation and Knowledge Management

What you achieve

  • Team and Project Leadership skills
  • English communication fluency
  • Effective resolution of real business problems
  • Technological resources that improve the competitiveness in organizations
  • New and differentiated professional profiles
  • Broader strategic view of the company

During the master you will have access to:

  • Application of real knowledge in study cases
  • Interdisciplinary team work experiences with international students
  • Business interaction
  • Professional and research training
  • Mobility with universities around the world
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Career opportunities:

  • R+D+I position
  • Project Manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Marketing department position
  • Teaching at different levels of education
  • Consultant

Admission to the doctoral programme

The successful completion of this master’s degree provides access to the research period of a doctoral program. Bear in mind that each program can set additional requirements and criteria for selection and admission of students, such as the demand for specific complementary training courses.